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  1. Why do you need grout sealer.

If you do not know, our home’s grout is basically a mixture of sand and cement. As a result, (if you do not routinely seal your home grout lines), it will absorb water, bacteria, stains and even dry out and crack away if you ignore it. Healthy Home can help you with this! We start by deep cleaning your tile and grout to the cleanest level possible, using the highest-grade equipment and cleaning agents first. Then we offer adding a top-of-the-line grout sealer that will literally protect your grout from everything mentioned above. We want to also share that sealing the grout helps prolong the look, texture and consistency of your grout and it can even prevent mildew and mold growth too! Without saying to much I hope this informed you about the importance of grout sealing.

  1. When do you seal your grout?

After you have installed new tile, you want to typically wait at least 48 to 72 hours for the grout to dry and cure. This drying period is also your chance to inspect the grout lines for any cracks or chips that may need repaired. Touch up the grout where repairs are needed and then wait an additional 48 to 72 hours before you start sealing the grout. NOTE: Most contractors in the Carolinas ignore or totally forget to mention the grout sealing critical step to help keep their cost down. As we know by now, your tile and grout last longer with sealer. Also, if you have had your tile cleaned and sealed in the past, it’s important to remember we should seal our grout lines every other year. If your home or business has heavy traffic and you constantly mop your floors you may even want to have Healthy Home seal your grout every year!

  1. What is the process for grout sealing?

Healthy Home wants to share how important it is to seal the dirt out…not seal it in.  Grout sealing is preventative in nature so that you maintain the color and consistency.  Once the grout starts to chip or change color, it is sometimes too late!  Healthy Home highly recommends trying to have us visit your tile every year for your spring-cleaning regimen.

First step is a bit tedious and takes some time, but Healthy Home has the right tools and materials for the deep cleaning job. When you have larger tiles (e.g. 12″ x 12″), it’s pretty easy and will save your time and money when we are out. When you have smaller tiles, then you have more grout lines and it will take a bit longer therefore a little more time for cleaning and applicating grout cleaner is needed.

While it may be inconvenient to keep a room off-limits for a day, remind yourself how convenient it will be the next time you clean your grout. The Healthy Home sealer means less time scrubbing, so this is one chore that will make your routine bathroom cleaning or kitchen area a total breeze. If you want to see some live before and after pictures and videos of our tile cleaning, follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Final thoughts on sealing your grout.

Most people do not even realize that they should seal their tile grout.  Unfortunately, contractors often neglect to tell their customers (or else some may not even know), but now that you do know the importance of sealing (and resealing) your grout, as well as how to do it yourself, give your tiles some love and protection from Healthy Home. They will look much nicer and last much longer! We promise!

Thank you for being a Healthy Home Client.

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