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(Before Healthy Home) Carpeting Dominates the late 60’s and through the 70’.

1968 was a significant year for the carpet industry. While wall-to-wall carpeting had been introduced prior to that year, the cost to install it—seams had to be hand-sewn together—limited its use to only the affluent. But, in 1968, the carpet industry developed a system to glue together carpet seams, making installation more affordable and popular. Hardwood floors, at the time, were considered too high maintenance, as they had to be buffed and waxed periodically. As a result, lower maintenance carpet became the flooring of choice, and it was often used to cover existing hardwood floors. The mid-to-late 1970s brought the famous shag carpet rage in colors like avocado and harvest gold. “The pile on the carpet was three to four inches – so long that you could lose the dog in it.” Carpet covered most of the home—level-surface carpets, in busy patterns to hide stains, were even installed in some kitchens, although most kitchens, bathrooms and entryways were covered in a more resilient type of flooring.


When we Began) Vinyl Flooring gained popularity in American Homes starting in the 80’s.

The 1980s brought increasing numbers of dual income families and a push for lower maintenance flooring for working parents, and not to mention the birth to our company dedicated to deep cleaning these floors….“Healthy Home.” Vinyl kitchen floors were introduced into the market and took over by storm, which were installed in one solid sheet and replaced linoleum squares. These vinyl no-wax floors became popular because the prior generation of linoleum floors had to be waxed periodically.


Engineered Hardwood and Tile in the 90s

The 1990s brought mass introduction of mostly engineered hardwood floors and lower cost tile. Engineered woods were made of pre-finished layers of wood and offered in a variety of wood types and colors. The owner of Healthy Home, Richard Bischoff, knew the flooring market was quickly changed and was about to change the company to follow these trends in flooring. As Health being one of Richard’s main focus for his company “Healthy Home”, he noticed no one was actually properly cleaning tile or this engineered woods correctly. Sure, a mop or quick Swiffer helped maintain the appearance, but it seemed no one was actually worried about the deep cleaning and removal of the deep soils within the laminate, tile and grout correctly. This is why Richard started the wood, laminated, Tile and Grout cleaning service we are very well known for today. We have state of the art equipment no one else is using that reaches temperatures and pressure that safely removes harmful stains, bacteria and germs that lurk in our floors. all while giving you your desired like-new floors.


Mixing it up in the 2000s 

Until 2000, the ‘public areas’ of the home–meaning most of the first floor—were still carpeted. Many households did however transition to the Berber carpet and added 12” by 12” ceramic tiles in many of the rooms, usually in various shades of natural tones to hide soil, stains and dirt. These same natural colorations moved to porcelain tile and natural stone later in the decade. This amazed Richard and Healthy Home. People were willing to go the extra mile and spend the money to hide and literally trap soils and bacteria vs actually calling in a professional service company to make their floors cleaner and healthier!? Berber carpet is tough to deep clean because the carpet was to trap and hide dirt. Richard advanced his cleaning agents to work past the knotted carpeted floors without damaging them by methods such as buffing, changing ph cleaning levels, and increasing water output for proper deep cleaning methods.


Flooring 2010 to Now

In recent years, home improvement programs on channels such as HGTV have played a big rule influencing new flooring trends. Hard surface floors are now often chosen for the lower level of a home to create a clean look. Carpeting is primarily used on a home’s upper levels, as it is less expensive, helps absorb sounds and feels softer on the feet than hard surface floors. Gray tones have taken over from beige as the primary color of choice for flooring, from carpet and tile to natural stone and hardwood. So, with this mix of materials now in every home and businesses, each Healthy Home truck is equipped with all the equipment and safe cleaning agents needed to handle the diverse needs of each home.


Flooring in the future

There’s many opinions and interesting ideas floating out there for our future floor trends. With increasing demand and shortages brought on by the pandemic, it is expected that builders and designers will begin to investigate polished concrete options in homes and only use rugs. Only time will tell if this interesting trend catches on… There is only one thing for sure, Healthy Home will be ready to tackle the next 35 years of changes.

Why is our “steam cleaning” better than chemical “dry cleaning?”

As trends in flooring types continue to change and evolve, so does the way to properly clean them. The biggest debate professional cleaners face is the choice to dry clean or to steam clean. Which one is better and why? We at Healthy Home heard both sides of the arguments and choose to experiment with both methods to make sure we continue to deliver the best results for our clients with the goal “to give you the Healthiest deep clean possible” without a negative impact to the environment. Every single test we performed in steam cleaning won. This is because steam cleaning uses high temperatures that not only break apart soils, but it kills germs on contact. Dry cleaning failed because the very high chemical content traps the soils and germs like a sponge which our client(s) must vacuum up after we leave. Think about it, would you rather take a shower to clean yourself or use a chemical powder? – The choice is clear, Healthy Home hot water extraction method is the Healthiest choice for you, your family and business deep clean needs.






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