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Drapery Cleaning

Draperies are often left  forgotten as part of a regular cleaning routine. However, drapery cleaning is crucial in maintaining a healthy & beautiful home or office interior.

The drapes in your home can trap dust, allergens, soil, and odors. With age, they begin to look dull and drab as a result of cumulative dust, smoke and usage. It is recommended to have your drapery professionally cleaned once a year.

Having your curtains and drapery pieces cleaned on a regular basis is essential to keep your house fresh and clean. Proper drapery care removes hidden dirt and allergens, eliminates pet hair and dander, eradicates unpleasant odors, extends the life of your drapes, and restores your drapes to a like-new condition. What’s more, investing in professional drapery cleaning may prevent allergies and asthma as well. 

At Healthy Home, we provide advanced curtain drapery cleaning service through state-of-the-art cleaning methods that deeply cleans your curtains or drapes of any kind. Curtain fabrics require cautionary care since they are  delicate. We make sure your curtains are carefully handled by only trained experts. Regardless of the curtain type or length, we assure you the best drapery cleaning service at a reasonable cost.

No need to bother unmounting them yourself and driving all the way to your dry cleaners. We clean your drapes on-location while they are still hanging. There’s no mess and it safely restores and renews the original colors of the fabric, leaving them looking brand new again. 

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