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Fibers and Hard Surfaces Sealer

Myrtle Beach Fibers and Hard Surfaces Sealer

Fibers and Hard Surfaces Sealer We Offer

Fibers and Hard Surfaces Sealer

We are a licensed Super Sealer provider! 

Saiger’s Super Sealer utilizes penetrating fluoridated-polymer technology that forms an invisible barrier around fibers or hard surfaces, protecting it from damage and staining caused by food spills, dirt, germs, and oily messes. 

Super Sealer is easy to apply and dries quickly. It won’t leave behind sticky or crunchy residues or an unsightly haze. Your carpet will stay soft your floors will stay shiny.

This multi-purpose solution not only delivers top-notch results on carpet and upholstery, but it works great on tile & grout and stone floors. 

Saiger’s Super Sealer is perfect for carpet, area rugs, boats, RVs, awnings, private planes, exotic cars, high-end furniture, outdoor and patio furniture, and more. 

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