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A powerful technology in fighting, reducing, eliminating the spread of bacteria, no wipe, no rinse,leaves no residue – Safe for humans and animals.

Eliminate 99.9% of Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, VOC's, Odors

FDA Approved ✓

Odorox®  is the only patented and scientifically proven hydroxyl technology in the marketplace today. The Odorox®  technology is also successfully deployed in other industries for odor and bacteria applications including rendering plants, sewage plants, industrial warehouses, hospitality, property management, and schools and universities.


-​Doctors Offices

-Outpatient Facilities

-Surgical Centers

-Emergency Medical Transport (EMT’s)

-Dental Offices


​-Tissue & Blood Banks

-Childcare & Educational Facilities

-Senior Living Facilities

-Multi-Unit Buildings

-Apartment Complexes

-Hospitality Resorts


-Athletic Facilities

-Public Transportation

-Veterinary Clinics

-Fire Departments & Police Stations

-Jails & Prisons


How is the Odorox® technology different than other systems on the market?

  • -Odorox® eliminates odors not only in the air, but more importantly, the odors that have been absorbed deep inside the contents and structures. As a gas, hydroxyls will follow the same paths that the odors did and reach all hidden and hard to reach areas.
  • -The oxidants produced are not damaging to anything so you can easily treat sensitive materials like leather, rubber, electronics, plastic, artwork, wet items, etc.
  • -It’s simple to use. Just plug in the machine and turn it on. That’s it. No chemicals, no filters, no oils, no masking agents, no fogging, no spraying, etc. No additional humidification required. Yes, it’s really that simple.
  • -Hydroxyls are extremely reactive and are the second strongest oxidant in the world behind atomic fluorine – far more effective than any other odor solution on the market. This means they will eliminate more odors and VOCs than ozone, chlorine dioxide, foggers, masking agents, oils, and all other chemicals.
  • -There are no residual odors left behind and odors will never “come back”. Once they are eliminated, it is permanent.

What is a hydroxyl?

Hydroxyls (OH) are molecules consisting of one oxygen atom and one hydrogen atom. They are safe, naturally occurring molecules that are created in our atmosphere when the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with water vapor. They play a critical role in cleaning the earth’s atmosphere and are often referred to as the “detergent” of the atmosphere. They can be used to kill bacteria, viruses, and mold, and to break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical fumes, gasses, vapors, and unpleasant odors. They are more effective than ozone, chemicals, ionizers, foggers, filters, masking agents, and oils. When used as instructed, they do not harm people, pets, plants, or sensitive materials like rubber, plastic, leather, electronics, wet items, or artwork.

How does the Odorox® equipment produce hydroxyls?

Through the use of patented ultraviolet (UV) technology, Odorox® replicates the natural production of hydroxyls to completely eliminate biological and chemical contaminants. Ambient air is drawn through the irradiation chamber of the machine where finely tuned UV optics break apart humidity (H2O) to form hydroxyls. Nothing additional is needed for the technology to operate – no chemicals, no filters, no supplemental humidifiers, etc.