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Ozone  Treatments

Strong, dense odors from cigarette smoke, pets, mold growth, or other indoor air contamination can easily be removed by ozone shock treatments. Ozone treatment adds an extra oxygen molecule to the air that acts as a free radical. In a confined setting, ozone breaks down odor molecules in the air. A high powered ozone generator is placed into an unoccupied room. A fan may be added as well to help distribute the ozone throughout the room. Ozone shock treatments can take from as little as 20 minutes to as little as 2 hours to as long as 24 hours.

Pet Odor Removal

Pet urine can not only cause permanent damage to your carpeting and floors, but it can also create an unhealthy indoor environment. Stains that are not immediately removed begin to “alkaline” causing permanent staining and contamination. For less severe pet staining, the affected area is saturated with a special solution. A special “water claw” is used to thoroughly extract the solution and any soils from the carpet backing, pad, and surface fibers. This treatment is the most thorough available without pulling up the carpet and removing the padding. For more serious pet stains and odors, the carpet must be removed, the padding below is replaced, and the sub-floor and other affected areas are sealed.

Realtors, Landlords & Property Managers

Certain homes will sit on the market unsold because of offending odors like cigarette smoke, food such as curry, animal related smells, mold/fungi smells and even VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) given off by new carpets, fresh paint and chemical cleaners. Ozone will economically and safely neutralize any unwanted odors reverting back into safe breathable oxygen after the procedure is complete. Since the smells are broken down at the molecular level, they aren’t just covered up, they’re destroyed altogether.

 In the past, removing bad smells from properties was only temporarily possible by applying a fresh coat of paint, shampooing carpets and wiping down all the walls. Thanks to ozone shock treatment, smells caused by cigarette smoke, food such as curry, animal related smells, mold/fungi smells, don’t have to be viewed as normal wear and tear.

In fact, if you would like to cater to a smoking tenant without incurring additional cost, offer them this package. They are more than welcome to smoke all they want as long as they pay for the ozone shock treatment when their lease is up. This win/win situation provides freedom to your tenants without compromising your need for a clean, fresh-smelling unit afterward.